NFD Communicate: Spring 1997

Some of the items featured in the Spring 1997 (Vol. 7, No. 1) Issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • The cover is painted by Abbie Twiss, a section of a painting of a deaf group and refers to the changes among the deaf adult community. 
  • New Zealand’s first university course taught entirely in NZSL began at VUW in August with an intake of sixteen deaf students. 
  • An advertisement for an interpreted performance of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ at Aotea Centre, Auckland.  
  • Peter Murray travelled with the New Zealand group to the 18th World Games for the Deaf, Denmark. Peter was the first Southern Hemisphere referee ever to officiate at the WGD. Kevin had to pull out after the 30km marathon due to a pulled hamstring.

  1. Abbie Twiss

  2. Alan Simpson

  3. Angus McDonald

  4. Catherine Greenwood

  5. Charles Klaver

  6. Colleen Norris

  7. David McKee

  8. Dennis Robinson

  9. Grace Covey

  10. Joanne Becker

  11. Kevin Lawrence

  12. May Murray

  13. Norman Norris

  14. Penny Went

  15. Peter Murray

  16. Rachel Locker McKee

  17. Ray Jenkin

  18. Robyn Crosbie

  19. Ryan Cassidy

  20. Sabine Muller

  21. Sonya Logan

  22. Teresa Jenkin

Reference number NFDC1997-7-1-MJN