publication – Taonga source: Wellington Deaf Society

Absolutely Positively Windy Deaf: June 2015

Wellington Deaf Society
video – Taonga source: DEAFinitely Youth Group

1st National Deaf Youth Camp, 2005

The 1st National Deaf Youth Camp – April 2005 at Finlay Adventure Park, Cambridge – was supported and organised by DEAFinitely Youth Group (DYG). It was founded in 2000 to host the 2nd Asia-Pacific Deaf Youth Camp, and it went on to support the 1st NDYC with 25 participants and 5 different workshops.
DEAFinitely Youth Group
video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

A look into the new bilingual approach at Kelston Deaf Education Centre

One of the goals of 1996’s Deaf Awareness Week was to better educate New Zealanders about New Zealand Sign Language, and as part of this, One Network News visited Kelston Deaf Education Centre in Auckland. KDEC which has a new bilingual teaching method using both NZSL and English.
Television New Zealand Archive
video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

The inaugural Deaf Festival is hosted at Kelston Deaf Education Centre

Deaf children are taught drama skills by two Deaf visitors from the UK, in preparation for their show at the opening night of the inaugural Deaf Festival, hosted by Kelston Deaf Education Centre.
Television New Zealand Archive
video – Taonga source: Jared Flitcroft

Our Second Home: Wellington Deaf Club

The Wellington Deaf Club is a place where Deaf and hearing alike go to relax, take a break from the ‘outside’ world and communicate in a language that is loud. Jared Flitcroft explores why the Deaf Club is their second home and the cultural aspect of being Deaf in a ‘hearing’ world.
Jared Flitcroft
publication – Taonga source: National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

NFD Communicate: Spring 1997

National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing