NFD Journal: December 1990 (Vol. 4, No. 4)

Some of the items featured in the December 1990 issue of ‘NFD Journal:

  • Diploma in Interpreting – the necessary support has been set up for an interpreting training course at ATI for 1992. The course will cost $750,000 for the first two years and approximately $360,000 annual funding thereafter. NFD needs to find $24,000 for advertising and recruiting for the Senior Lecturer role. 
  • In a first for Wellington, a course “Introduction to Computing” is provided with 12 students, 7 of which are Deaf/hearing impaired. 
  • The NFD Board has agreed to support a documentary by Shirley Horrocks, suitable for television on the subject of Deafness, Deaf culture and language. It aims to be completed in time for Deafness Awareness Week in September 1991. 
  • An advertisement for a ‘Diving Class for the Deaf’ in Christchurch – ”experience has shown that the hearing impaired communicate better than others underwater. ACT NOW!!”
  • An update on the dictionary of NZSL, with a position shortly to be advertised for a Managing Editor, with the dictionary expected to take at least three years to complete. 

  1. Barry Kirkland

  2. Cheryl Anton

  3. Clare Hong

  4. David Buchanan

  5. David Hendry

  6. Eileen McGee

  7. Graeme Kennedy

  8. Hilary McCormack

  9. Jennifer Brain

  10. Linda Prouse

  11. Malcolm Matthewson

  12. Margaret Cooper

  13. Pat Dugdale

  14. Shirley Horrocks

  15. Shona McGhie

Reference number NFDJ1990-4-4-MJN