NZ Deaf News: Summer 1963-64 (Vol. 1, No. 2)

Some of the items featured in the 1963/64 Summer Issue of ‘NZ Deaf News’ (Vol. 1, No. 2):

  • District ‘Round-Up’ from Auckland Deaf Society, Christchurch Deaf Club, Dunedin Deaf Club, Manawatu Deaf Club, Waikato Deaf Club and Wellington Deaf Society.
  • On August 31, 1963, a new society was formed – ‘Dunedin Deaf Club’ which parted from the League from the Hard of Hearing. With 23 members, club nights are at the Octagon Hall every second Saturday night.
  • Members from Invercargill visited Dunedin to compete in a friendly tournament with table tennis, darts and droughts, with Dunedin retaining the Chilwell Shield.
  • The search begins for the oldest Deaf person in New Zealand, with Maude Steel (nee Tall) recently celebrating her 80th.

  1. Alan Stewart

  2. Andrew Steel

  3. Bruce Allen

  4. Cyril Allen

  5. David Armor

  6. Irene Gordon

  7. Joan Bailey

  8. John Ballantine

  9. John Hunt

  10. John McRae

  11. Keith Gordon

  12. Ken McDiarmid

  13. Lynton Wray

  14. Margaret Coutts

  15. Marshall Bennett

  16. Patreena Bryan

  17. Patty (Noeline) Still

  18. Ray Whiting

  19. Richard Hanson

  20. Vernon Pope

  21. Wayne McNamara

  22. William McLachlan

Reference number DN1963-1-2-MJN