NZ Deaf News: Autumn 1985 (Vol. 22, No. 1)

Some of the items featured in the Autumn 1985 (Vol. 22, No. 1) issue of ‘New Zealand Deaf News’:

  • NZ Association of the Deaf Interpreter Training Planning Committee has advertised for an Interpreter Training Course, 50 people have applied. The course is hoped to start early May 1985. 
  • The first Leadership Training Programme for the Deaf course is set up, run by Auckland Teachers College. 
  • Kevin Lawrence has been selected for the New Zealand team to take part in the World Deaf Games in Los Angeles. To qualify for selection, Kevin beat his time of 1 hr 30 mins for 25kms, and he did that on several occasions. 
  • John Hunt of Auckland Deaf Society is looking to collect information and photos in preparation for creating a book of Auckland Deaf Society’s history in time for the club’s 50th anniversary. 
  • Annette Hansen wins the Manawatu Deaf Society’s beauty contest at its annual picnic, with Jackie Davidson a close second. 

  1. Annette Hansen

  2. Barbara Hazelwood

  3. Barbara Lawrence

  4. Brian Cutting

  5. Carol Brady

  6. Dan Levitt

  7. Daniel Beech

  8. Dorothy Jones

  9. Douglas Croskery

  10. Dulcie McKie

  11. Edna Garner

  12. Eric Blum

  13. Glen Schischka

  14. Gloria Fage

  15. Gregory Schischka

  16. Hilary McCormack

  17. Jackie Davidson

  18. Jennifer Brain

  19. Jo Hussey

  20. Joan Bailey

  21. John Hunt

  22. Jonathan Anton

  23. Kath Smith

  24. Ken Jillings

  25. Kevin Lawrence

  26. Laurie Schischka

  27. Lindsay Jones

  28. Margaret Coutts

  29. Mary Johnson

  30. Maureen Thompson

  31. Michael Rose

  32. Ngaire Doherty

  33. Pam Croskery

  34. Pat Dugdale

  35. Pauline Sedon

  36. Penny Went

  37. Ray Jenkins

  38. Richard Peri

  39. Sen Smith

  40. Stephen Leach

  41. Susie Ovens

  42. Sylvia Schischka

  43. Terry Siviter

  44. Val Jillings

  45. Wayne Anderson

Reference number DN1985-22-1-MJN