NFD Journal: June 1987 (Vol. 1, No. 2)

Some of the items featured in the June 1987 issue of ‘NFD Journal’:

  • The Summer Diary of the Christchurch Deaf Sign Singers, covering their activities over Deafness Awareness Week, with many weeks of practice for the Christmas season with eight bookings.
  • Alan Young, Principal of Kelston School for Deaf Children retires with approximately 200 people attending
  • Hawkes Bay has its first interpreter and social worker based at Napier. Sign language classes are also offered at the Hawkes Bay Deaf Club.
  • Stephen Leach writes an article, “How does it feel to be deaf?” touching on his experiences at Gallaudet.
  • ADS advertises its 17 VHS tapes with subtitles to the Deaf community at $5.50 per 24 hour, with a $20.00 bond.

  1. Alan Young

  2. Barbara Beale

  3. Barry Kirkland

  4. Brendan Cooper

  5. Jo Hussey

  6. Joanne McBride

  7. Joy Avis

  8. Kevin Pivac

  9. Leslie Dunn

  10. Margaret Cooper

  11. Nadia Baradi

  12. Patty (Noeline) Still

  13. Simon Strawbridge

  14. Stephen Leach

  15. Tom Purvis

  16. Tracey Greening

Reference number NFDJ1987-1-2-MJN