NFD Journal: July 1988 (Vol. 2, No. 2)

Some of the items featured in the July 1988 issue of ‘NFD Journal:

  • Lobbying by the NFD family table has increased the interpreters fee from $13.70 to $25.00 per hour. 
  • Laurie Schischka’s 12 metre yacht, with a crew consisting of 80% of deaf people, wins the points prize in the second division of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron Competition Races for 1987/88.
  • NZAD presents its annual report to NZAD, with the past year being a time of reorganisation with its decision to take responsibility for its own administration from NFD, with the highlight of the year being the long awaited, long overdue opening of the Living Skills Centre. 
  • World Deaf Games: On or Off! The journal reports that it could not bring any special announcements on this issue, but that the Chairman of the organising committee, its Executive Officer and Margaret Coutts have all been ‘seen smiling broadly and are confident that the games will go on’. 
  • The NZFDC reports that it does not have any direct say in the administration of Kelston or van Asch and it is for that reason that they have supported Auckland School for Deaf Society’s case for a Board of Governors to be established for Kelston. 
  • TTY devices being advertised for sale between $440.00 to $660.00.

  1. Allan Richardson

  2. Angus McDonald

  3. Anna Tyler

  4. Anne Croy

  5. Dean Kumar

  6. Dennis Robinson

  7. Donald Lindsey

  8. Dulcie McKie

  9. Eileen McGee

  10. Gregory Schischka

  11. Gwen Rapley

  12. Hilary McCormack

  13. Jeff Went

  14. Jennifer Brain

  15. Joan Bailey

  16. Joan Mundt

  17. John Hunt

  18. Kim Robinson

  19. Laurie Schischka

  20. Lee Bullivant

  21. Margaret Cooper

  22. Pat Dugdale

  23. Peg Makinson

  24. Peter Musgrave

  25. Polly Fecheny

  26. Ray Whiting

  27. Ron Dick

  28. Rosemary Brouwers

  29. Shona McGhie

  30. Simon Matthews

  31. Sylvia Schischka

  32. Victoria Green

Reference number MJN-NFDJ1988-2-2