NZ Deaf News: July 1983

Some of the items featured in the July 1983 issue of ‘New Zealand Deaf News’ (Vol. 20, No. 3):

  • District ‘Round-Up’ from Auckland Deaf Society, Waikato Deaf Club, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu Deaf Society, Wellington Deaf Society, Christchurch Deaf Society,
  • NZAD and the NZ Federation for Deaf Children updates the community on their respective annual general meetings.
  • The Sign Singers talk about their involvement in the Mardi Gras celebrations with their own handmade ‘I Love You’ hand-pushed trolley.
  • The first ever Deaf Awareness Week was held from 24 April to 1 May 1983.

  1. Barbara Hazelwood

  2. Bruce McHattie

  3. Daniel Beech

  4. David Sinclair

  5. Dulcie McKie

  6. Gloria Fage

  7. Jennifer Brain

  8. Joan Bailey

  9. John Hunt

  10. Ken Jillings

  11. Lee Bullivant

  12. Lorraine Nilssen

  13. Margaret Coutts

  14. Marilyn Welham

  15. Murray Halcrow

  16. Peter Downie

  17. Phonse Carroll

  18. Polly Forman

  19. Ray Forman

  20. Ray Whiting

  21. Shirley Withers

  22. Stephen Leach

  23. Tom Still

Reference number DN1983-20-3-MJN