NFD Journal: March 1990 (Vol. 4, No. 1)

Some of the items featured in the March 1990 issue of ‘NFD Journal:

  • An in-depth explanation how Teletext subtitles are made, accessible for viewers who have Teletext television sets.
  • Shake Awake, a new portable vibrating alarm clock is advertised!
  • The Auckland Sign Singers participated in the opening ceremony of the 1990 Commonwealth Games, part of the 600 strong choir. They also performed ‘Two Strong Hearts’ on a televised New Years Eve ceremony at Bastion Point. 
  • Dulcie McKie talks about her classes in NZ Sign Language at Auckland Deaf Society, where she is teaching along with three other tutors. 
  • Kevin Stokes reports on the Deaf Way 1989 conference in Washington D.C. describing it as “mind-blowing!”
  • Marianne Collins-Ahlgren’s PhD – ”her thesis has enhanced the status of NZSL and will contribute to the provision of interpreting services for the Deaf Community”

  1. Adrienne Killen

  2. Anne Hanley

  3. Ava Buzzard

  4. Beth Titter

  5. Carol Brady

  6. Christine Martin

  7. Daphne Jones

  8. Doreen Howell

  9. Dulcie McKie

  10. Eileen McGee

  11. Elizabeth Katu

  12. Elma Powell

  13. Freda Pearson

  14. Graeme Kennedy

  15. Hilda Tamepo

  16. Ivan Tamepo

  17. Kaz Witko

  18. Kevin Stokes

  19. Lyndsay Jones

  20. Marianne Collins-Ahlgren

  21. Mary Johnson

  22. Mary Rees

  23. Mary Spiers

  24. Melody Walbran

  25. Ngaire Doherty

  26. Pauline Seddon

  27. Phillipa Oxspring

  28. Rachel Locker McKee

  29. Rae Oxspring

  30. Shirley Withers

  31. Shona McGhie

  32. Tony Walton

Reference number NFDJ1990-4-1-MJN