Deaf News of New Zealand: 1974 (Vol. 11, No. 3)

Some of the items featured in the 1974 Issue of ‘Deaf News of New Zealand’ (Vol. 11, No. 3): 

  • This is the third issue of Deaf News in its new look.
  • An Auckland group makes recommendations to the Educational Development Conference, saying that the combined method of communication should be taught in New Zealand schools for the deaf instead of oralism only.
  • A new film is being produced for the New Zealand Teaching Films to Help Deaf Children Society: “A Deaf Child Grows Up”
  • Daniel Beech proposes deaf people meet at the Hamilton Deaf Sports Convention to get the ball rolling in starting an association for the deaf. 
  • Dieter asks for New Zealanders to be more welcoming of Deaf internationals, keeping in mind that they have played a part in the establishment of the Deaf News, NZ Sports Association, or in Auckland, the first church service at the Deaf Welfare Centre. 
  • Deaf Organisations
  • TV/Media
Reference number:
SignDNA – Deaf National Archive New Zealand, DN1973-11-4-MJN