NZ Deaf News: Autumn 1968 (Vol. 5, No. 3)

Some of the items featured in the 1968 Autumn Issue of ‘NZ Deaf News’ (Vol. 5, No. 3): 

  • The photo featured on the cover of this issue of NZ Deaf News was by Ada Schischka. NZ Deaf News is running a cover photo competition with the winner to be announced on 31 July 1968.
  • The fourth annual New Zealand deaf table tennis championships were held at New Plymouth during Queen’s Birthday Weekend. 
  • Hilda Ashley, a life member of the Wellington Deaf Club, died in Christchurch on 29 April 1968. 
  • Friends of the Deaf opened its $30,000 appeal for the Eddowes Memorial Village for the elderly Deaf, with a raffle underway. 
  • One of the founders of the Christchurch Deaf Club, Jane Kinnear, celebrated her 80th on 13 March 1968. She was the guest of honour at a surprise party arranged by the Deaf Womens’ Group. 
  • NZ Deaf Amateur Sports Association was given a cheque for $3000 from a 24-hour sponsored charity run held at Alexandra Park, Auckland, on April 19-20.

  1. Ada Schischka

  2. Barbara Brown

  3. Colin Goodhue

  4. Diane Burch

  5. Douglas Ashley

  6. Gary Howard

  7. Gordon Brown

  8. Gwen Rapley

  9. Helen Keller

  10. Hilda Ashley

  11. Jane Kinnear

  12. Joan Bailey

  13. John Hunt

  14. John Mansell

  15. John McRae

  16. Laura Hunt

  17. Mary Johnson

  18. Maureen Thompson

  19. Noel Coventry

  20. Owen Gibbons

  21. Pauline Sedon

  22. Peter Downie

  23. Peter Thompson

  24. Rae McKie

  25. Stefica Puljan

  26. Stewart Smith

  27. Verna McRae

  28. Vernon Pope

  29. Wayne Bird

Reference number DN1968-5-3-MJN