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  1. 1970

    NZ Deaf News: 1970 (Vol. 7, No. 3)

  2. 1984

    NZ Deaf News: February 1984

  3. 1960s
    Video — Donated by Auckland Deaf Society Image of Auckland Deaf Society

    Auckland Deaf Picnic at Orewa Beach

    Deaf people get together at John and Verna McRae’s place before heading to Orewa, Auckland for the Annual ADS Picnic.

  4. 1975
    Video — Donated by Sue Penman Image of Sue Penman

    NZ Deaf Sports Convention, Christchurch 1975

    The Deaf community gather in Christchurch for the NZ Deaf Sports Convention in Labour Weekend, 1975.

  5. 2003
    Video — Donated by Dorothy Jones Image of Dorothy Jones

    ADS Badminton Club celebrates its 40th birthday!

    The ADS Badminton Club, well known for recognising its milestones, has a well-attended dinner at Auckland Deaf Society to celebrate its 40th birthday!

  6. 2003
    Video — Donated by Hilda Tamepo Image of Hilda Tamepo

    Memories of John and Laura Hunt

    John and Laura discuss their eventful lives, including immigrating to New Zealand, meeting the local Deaf community, and how their meeting led to a marriage which at the time of filming had lasted 56 years!