NZ Deaf News: 1973 (Vol. 10, No. 1)

Some of the items featured in the 1973 (Vol. 10, No. 1) issue of ‘New Zealand Deaf News’:

  • Pam and Kaz Witko’s wedding in Paraparumu was officiated by a minister who “spoke plain enough for us deafies to understand the service.”
  • Results of ADS’s picnic at Long Beach with competitions for ‘Men’s Most Ugly Legs’ and ‘Old Buffers’ Largest Shell’ along with the usual tug-o-war and distance step. 
  • The Whanganui Deaf Club held its first general meeting on 9 February with Beth Titter elected its President. It was decided to hold meetings once a month with a picnic planned for 4 March.
  • An obituary for Beth Roberts, rated one of the three best lip-reading tutors in New Zealand. 
  • More details/synposes requested for programmes on television to give deaf people more information on what will be screened on television. 
  • New Zealand team selected for the Sweden World Deaf Games 1973.

  1. Adrienne Killen

  2. Barbara Hazelwood

  3. Bernie Clews

  4. Beth Titter

  5. Brian Harris

  6. Dennis Crighton

  7. Dieter Helmerding

  8. Doreen Howell

  9. Ed Sedon

  10. Erica Siviter

  11. Geoff Harker

  12. Gordon Brown

  13. Graham Forrest

  14. Gwen Rapley

  15. Helen Williams

  16. Janet Watt

  17. Joan Bailey

  18. John Hunt

  19. John Keogh

  20. John Rua

  21. Kaz Witko

  22. Laura Hunt

  23. Margaret Coutts

  24. Maud Steel

  25. Max Howell

  26. May Murray

  27. Ngaire Doherty

  28. Norman Norris

  29. Owen Gibbons

  30. Pam Witko

  31. Pauline Sedon

  32. Peter Downie

  33. Polly Fechney

  34. Polly Forman

  35. Ray Forman

  36. Ray Jenkin

  37. Robert Forrest

  38. Wallace Williams

Reference number DN1973-10-1-MJN