Brent Macpherson

My Second Home: Auckland Deaf Society

A 43-minute documentary taking you through the history of Auckland Deaf Society, the second home of the Deaf community of Auckland.
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A 43-minute documentary on Auckland Deaf Society (ADS), the second home of the Deaf Community of Auckland. ADS, established in 1937, is an organisation that provides a unique cultural bonding opportunity for Deaf people, where they can truly express themselves as members of the Deaf community. What inspired members of the Auckland Deaf community to ensure their club’s survival for more than 70 years, starting from a basic room with a few tables to a magnificent building worth millions of dollars? This document will take you on an exciting journey to discover how this was achieved and the true meaning of such a club, which is widely regarded by many Deaf people as their second home.

ADS acknowledges to the highest degree, its past and current members who poured their hearts tirelessly and passionately, on a voluntary basis over many years, to ensure the achievement of the Deaf Club’s goals.

Executive Producer: Roger Wyrill, Director: Brent Macpherson. Narrated in NZSL with voice overs and English captions.

  1. Angela Sew Hoy

  2. Beth Titter

  3. Brent Macpherson

  4. Chris Blum

  5. Dan Hanks

  6. Daniel Beech

  7. Dennis Nathan

  8. Helen Williams

  9. John Hunt

  10. Kathleen French

  11. Kaye Bird

  12. Kevin Pivac

  13. Laura Hunt

  14. Laurie Schischka

  15. Lorraine Butler

  16. Mary Johnson

  17. Murray Williams

  18. Ngaire Doherty

  19. Norman Norris

  20. Owen Gibbons

  21. Ray Jenkin

  22. Ray Whiting

  23. Roger Wyrill

  24. Ruth Dyson

  25. Sonia Pivac

  26. Stephen Leach

  27. Sue Williams

  28. Sylvia Schischka

  29. Wallace Williams

Donated by Brent Macpherson
Produced by Stretch Productions
Reference number BMP01-01-DC08