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St Dominic’s 60th Jubilee

Ex-pupils talk about their memories and tell stories about St Dominic’s at the 60th reunion in Feilding, during Waitangi Weekend in 2004.
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Filmed in 2004 this video shows numerous ex-pupils talking about their experiences at St Dominic’s School for the Deaf in Feilding over the years. As part of the 60th reunion celebrations, this was a chance for people to get together and remember their school days. Held at the Diocesan Centre, Palmerston North, the event also had several displays, including one room containing photographs of the founding years of the school in Island Bay, with some early hearing aids and speech training equipment. The main gathering area displayed photographs of the Feilding years with uniforms worn in the past, along with samples of school work, diaries, newsletters and other items. There was also some of the musical instruments used at St Dominic’s, since music played an important part in the school programme. Other displays included some of the chapel furniture, the sanctuary bell and the extinguisher, as well as a set of the large rosary beads worn by the Sisters. On the wall were the names of the Sisters and pupils who had died. The Catholic Deaf Centre housed displays relating to the Pastoral Ministry to adult Deaf people.

The 60th Reunion was organised by David Loving-Molloy, Marlene Rush, Sister Maureen O’Hanlon, Sister Gemma Finlay, Maree Caroll, Jackie Overall and Steven Johnson.

Source: We See What You Mean: A History of St Dominic’s School for Deaf Children and the Catholic Deaf Ministry in New Zealand (Dorothy Pilkington)

  1. Beth Titter

  2. Daniel Beech

  3. Daniel Kuklinski

  4. Denise McIndoe

  5. Dennis Tod

  6. Jackie Davidson

  7. Jackie Overall

  8. Jamie Kuklinski

  9. Maree Carroll

  10. Phonse Carroll

  11. Rachel Marr

  12. Roydon Seymour-East

  13. Suzanne Hanson

  14. Tony Kuklinski

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