Abbie Twiss

Auckland Deaf Society hosts a Derby Race Night!

An action filled evening at ADS with a Deaf modelling show followed by an Auckland Deaf Drag Queen contest and finally a derby race competition!
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Rebecca Tadman expertly MC’s the fundraiser on Saturday 1st August 1998 with a jam-packed schedule. First up is a modelling show with Darryn Paul, Rebecca Tadman, Alexander Folomu, Victoria Skorikova, Fetauo Ualesi and Abbie Twiss showing off their sponsored fashions! Up next is a Deaf Drag Queen contest with Nick (Nicholas) Humby, Chris James, Kim Robinson, Geoff (Geoffrey) Clough, Angus McDonald and Darryn Paul competing for the title of Miss Britannia, an award which ultimately goes to Darryn Paul. The evening is rounded off by some derby races, with Victoria Skorikova the ultimate winner on the back of Hayden Teesdale!

  1. Abbie Twiss

  2. Alexander Folomu

  3. Angus McDonald

  4. Cameron Marr

  5. Christian Grey

  6. Darryl Alexander

  7. Darryn Paul

  8. Fetuao Ualesi

  9. Geoff Clough

  10. Hayden Teesdale

  11. Jeff Went

  12. Kim Robinson

  13. Lisa Alexander

  14. Lola Fuemana

  15. Lyndon Malcolm

  16. Marjorie Rako

  17. Mark Siviter

  18. Matthew (Matty) Hudson

  19. Natasha Murray

  20. Nick Humby

  21. Owen Gibbons

  22. Rebecca Tadman

  23. Sara Pivac Alexander

  24. Sonia Pivac

  25. Victoria Lessing

Donated by Abbie Twiss
Original format VHS
Reference number AT02-01-CE98