video – Taonga source: Dan Hanks

Mardi Gras celebrations

Auckland Deaf Society, about to close for a total building redevelopment, hosts a final social event: a Mardi Gras at the Deaf Club.
Dan Hanks
video – Taonga source: Dan Hanks

Last Friday night at Auckland Deaf Society before the rebuild

Footage and interviews from the final Friday night at Deaf Club at Auckland Deaf Society before its long-awaited re-development in 2006.
Dan Hanks
video – Taonga source: Handmade Productions Aotearoa

Sign of the Times: The Story of New Zealand’s Visual Language

In April 2006, New Zealand Parliament declared NZSL to be an official language - the culmination of a 20-year battle by the deaf community, and a true hallmark in the recognition of their native language. 'Sign of the Times' is about the deaf New Zealanders who fought to have their language recognised as a real language and as a viable means of communication. The film documents the community's celebration of the official recognition of their language and looks at the community's ongoing hopes and aspirations for their language and culture.
Handmade Productions Aotearoa
video – Taonga source: Rūaumoko Komiti

Patrick Thompson’s ‘Te Hēteri’ interview – unedited footage

Unedited footage of Patrick Thompson’s ‘Te Hēteri’ interview at the famed Star Sign Cafe on Auckland’s Dominion Road in 2004.
Rūaumoko Komiti
video – Taonga source: Abbie Twiss

Auckland Deaf Society hosts a Derby Race Night!

An action filled evening at ADS with a Deaf modelling show followed by an Auckland Deaf Drag Queen contest and finally a derby race competition!
Abbie Twiss
video – Taonga source: DEAFinitely Youth Group

The first Wallace Williams Comedy Evening kicks off!

The first ever Wallace Williams Comedy Evening kicks off in 2003, as a fundraiser for Deaf Youth to attend the WFD Congress in Montreal, Canada.
DEAFinitely Youth Group
publication – Taonga source: Wellington Deaf Society

33rd New Zealand Games for the Deaf: Wellington, 19-23 October 1989

Wellington Deaf Society
video – Taonga source: DEAFinitely Youth Group

Miss and Mr Deaf New Zealand, 2001

The ‘007’ themed Miss and Mr Deaf New Zealand event, expertly hosted by Victoria Skorikova and Tony Walton was a major fundraising event for the 2nd Asia Pacific Deaf Youth Camp. It was organised in 5 weeks and raised $7,000 towards camp costs.
DEAFinitely Youth Group
video – Taonga source: Lorraine Butler

Deaf Diversity – Queer Nation

Queer Nation meets a sporty lesbian with nimble fingers. Lorraine talks about her identity, involvement with Deaf sports, performing and access, emphasising that Deaf people are really no different from hearing people.
Lorraine Butler