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Miss Auckland Deaf Beauty Queen Contest

Amateur footage of the Miss Auckland Deaf Beauty Queen Contest held at the Auckland Deaf Centre 1990.
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The 1990 Miss Auckland Deaf Beauty Queen Contest was a major social event that year. Held at the Deaf Centre (ADS), the event boasted celebrity judges, food, and music. The aim of the evening was fundraising for the 34th Games for the Deaf, hosted by Auckland. The contestants are filmed preparing before the event starts with opening speeches.

Note: Film only shows first half of the modelling.

  1. Abbie Twiss

  2. Adrienne Killen

  3. Beverly Shaw

  4. Cheryl Galyer

  5. Dave Jamieson

  6. Emma Killen

  7. Harry Hanley

  8. Jackie Anderson

  9. Julie-Anne Taylor

  10. Karen Livermore

  11. Lisa Shand

  12. Marion Forrest

  13. Melanie Hyslop

  14. Melissa Lakeman

  15. Natasha Jumelet

  16. Nicola Tunncliffe

  17. Pauline Dyer

  18. Rosalie Whiting

  19. Sarah Mead

  20. Sharon Bell

  21. Susie Ovens

  22. Teresa Jenkin

  23. Ursula Ware

  24. Wallace Williams

Donated by Victoria University of Wellington
Original format VHS
Reference number VUW76-02-CE90
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