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The Miss Deaf New Zealand competition, 1990

Coverage of the Miss Deaf New Zealand competition, hosted during the 34th New Zealand Games for the Deaf social evening at Auckland Deaf Society, October 1990.
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On Sunday 21st October, the 34th New Zealand Games for the Deaf social evening at Auckland Deaf Society included the 1990 Miss Deaf New Zealand competition. The event was run in the large hall at the back of the building.

Competition was limited to women 16-25 years old only, and had 10 contestants. Debra Jamieson (Manawatu, 20 years old), Joanne McBridge (Dunedin, 19 years old), Julieanne Joyce (Auckland, 19 years old), Rebecca Bradfield (Manawatu, 19 years old), Jacqueline Anderson (Auckland, 18 years old), Rachel Turner (Hamilton, 19 years old), Melissa Lakeman (Auckland, 16 years old), Lyneen Allen (Manawatu, 25 years old).

The event was organised by Adrienne Killen and her daughter, Emma Killen. The winner was Julieanne Joyce of Auckland, whose first prize included a trip for two to Queenstown, a modelling course, Shiseido make-up and a camera.

Judges were Dave Jamieson (Host of TV show Blind Date), Sharon Bell (Director of Finishing Touch Coathanger Modelling Agency), Beverly Shaw (Chief Beauty Consultant for Shiseido Cosmetics), and representing the event sponsors were Rob Currington (Ansett New Zealand) and Annette Chillingworth (Coca-Cola).

  1. Adrienne Killen

  2. Annette Chillingworth

  3. Beverly Shaw

  4. Dave Jamieson

  5. Debra Jamieson

  6. Dennis Robinson

  7. Emma Killen

  8. Jackie Anderson

  9. Joanne McBridge

  10. Julie-Anne Taylor

  11. Lyneen Allen

  12. Melissa Lakeman

  13. Rachel Turner

  14. Ray Jenkin

  15. Rebecca Bradfield

  16. Rob Currington

  17. Sharon Bell

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