Natasha Jumelet

An insight into Miss Auckland Deaf preparations

Contestants practice their routine at the Auckland Deaf Society clubroom in preparation for the Miss Auckland Deaf competition.
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An insight into the preparations for Miss Auckland Deaf competition, organised by Adrienne Killen. Contestants practice their routine upstairs in the clubroom with Emma and Adrienne, before taking the practice downstairs to the hall stage. The top three will be selected to represent Auckland in the upcoming Miss Deaf New Zealand pageant timed to coincide with the 34th New Zealand Games for the Deaf in Auckland during 19-22 October 1990.

  1. Abbie Twiss

  2. Adrienne Killen

  3. Edwin Mackie

  4. Emma Killen

  5. Jackie Anderson

  6. Julie-Anne Taylor

  7. Karen Livermore

  8. Lisa Shand

  9. Melanie Hyslop

  10. Melissa Lakeman

  11. Natasha Jumelet

  12. Nicola Tunncliffe

  13. Pauline Dyer

  14. Rosalie Whiting

  15. Sharon Bell

  16. Susie Ovens

  17. Teresa Jenkin

  18. Ursula Ware

Donated by Natasha Jumelet
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