NFD Communicate: June 1992

Some of the items featured in the June 1992 (Vol 6. No. 2) issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • Hilary McCormack’s article ‘The case for special schools’ calls Van Asch College (previously Sumner School for the Deaf “a silly name for a primary school and commemorating a person who wholly rejected the native sign language of the Deaf”.
  • Leila Monaghan is currently carrying out research on Deaf Culture, History and Language for a book about Deaf people in New Zealand.
  • An obituary for Malcolm Ward who passed away in 1992. A memorial service was held at the Christchurch Deaf Society Clubrooms on 29 April 1992 for Malcolm’s family and friends.
  • Research is being carried out by the Otago Medical School on recessive Deafness genes, with Denise Powell as a research assistant.
  • NFD announces a major sponsorship from Telecom for a two-year awareness and fundraising programme, on the causes and prevention of deafness and the services available to people with a hearing loss.
  • New CEO for NZAD, with Tricia Fitzgerald taking up the position.
  • NZSL Dictionary - copies of a prototype with around 140 signs were sent out to Deaf Clubs and NZAD offices. People were asked to complete a questionnaire to tell the editors what they thought of the prototype, with 100 respondents.
  • The opening of the Otago Deaf Centre at 68 Manor Place, Dunedin.

Note: This issue was printed as Vol 6, No 6 in error.

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Reference number:
SignDNA – Deaf National Archive New Zealand, NFDC1992-6-2-MJN