NFD Communicate: June 1992

Some of the items featured in the June 1992 (Vol 6. No. 2) issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • Hilary McCormack’s article ‘The case for special schools’ calls Van Asch College (previously Sumner School for the Deaf “a silly name for a primary school and commemorating a person who wholly rejected the native sign language of the Deaf”.
  • Leila Monaghan is currently carrying out research on Deaf Culture, History and Language for a book about Deaf people in New Zealand.
  • An obituary for Malcolm Ward who passed away in 1992. A memorial service was held at the Christchurch Deaf Society Clubrooms on 29 April 1992 for Malcolm’s family and friends.
  • Research is being carried out by the Otago Medical School on recessive Deafness genes, with Denise Powell as a research assistant.
  • NFD announces a major sponsorship from Telecom for a two-year awareness and fundraising programme, on the causes and prevention of deafness and the services available to people with a hearing loss.
  • New CEO for NZAD, with Tricia Fitzgerald taking up the position.
  • NZSL Dictionary – copies of a prototype with around 140 signs were sent out to Deaf Clubs and NZAD offices. People were asked to complete a questionnaire to tell the editors what they thought of the prototype, with 100 respondents.
  • The opening of the Otago Deaf Centre at 68 Manor Place, Dunedin.

Note: This issue was printed as Vol 6, No 6 in error.

  1. Angela Sew Hoy

  2. Angus McDonald

  3. Barry Kirkland

  4. Cameron Marr

  5. Dan Levitt

  6. Dave Moskovitz

  7. David Buchanan

  8. Denise Powell

  9. Freda Pearce

  10. Geoff Makinson

  11. Graeme Kennedy

  12. Hilary McCormack

  13. Jennifer Brain

  14. Kelly Hohaia

  15. Kevin Pivac

  16. Leila Monaghan

  17. Malcolm Ward

  18. Marilyn Welham

  19. Maureen Seth

  20. Megan Mansfield

  21. Michael May

  22. Miranda Harcourt

  23. Noel Bow

  24. Pat Dugdale

  25. Paul Buzzard

  26. Rachel Locker McKee

  27. Ronald Masters

  28. Sara Pivac Alexander

  29. Shane Matthews

  30. Shona McGhie

  31. Tricia Fitzgerald

Reference number NFDC1992-6-2-MJN