Deaf Southern Star: 2017 (Vol. 39, No. 2)

Some of the items featured in the St Dominic’s Catholic Deaf Centre’s ‘Deaf Southern Star’ (Vol. 39, No. 2, 2017) newsletter:

  • An update from the Catholic Deaf Centre on statistics of Deaf and hearing-impaired childrenIn the Palmerston North and Wellington dioceses in 2016 we had 38 primary school Deaf and hearing-impaired children and 35 secondary school Deaf and hearing-impaired, all mainstreamed in our Catholic schools. Nationally we have a total of 188 Catholic primary schools and 49 Catholic Colleges. In the Auckland diocese there are 42 Catholic primary schools and 16 Catholic Colleges; in the Hamilton there are 28 Catholic primary schools and 5 Catholic Colleges; in the Christchurch diocese there are 28 Catholic primary schools and 7 Catholic Colleges; and in the Dunedin diocese there are 24 Catholic primary schools and 4 Catholic Colleges. If the Palmerston North and Wel-lington statistics are anything to go by there would appear to be a significant number of Catholic Deaf and hearing-impaired children and secondary students spread throughout New Zealand. 
  • A number of New Zealanders attend the Australian Deaf Catholic Conference in Melbourne, with the theme being ‘Reflect, Embrace, Nurture’. 
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