Deaf Southern Star: 2017 (Vol. 39, No. 3)

Some of the items featured in the St Dominic’s Catholic Deaf Centre’s ‘Deaf Southern Star’ (Vol. 39, No. 3, 2017) newsletter: 

  • The upcoming farewell of the last remaining Dominician Sister still active in the ministry – Sr. Maureen O’Hanlon OP whose involvement with our Deaf began at St. Dominic’s 45 years ago at the beginning of 1972. 
  • David Loving-Molloy outlines 2017’s achievements, with school visitation in both dioceses, youth ministry and events, and monthly interpreted masses. 
  • Mary Johnson organised a memorial service for Daniel Beech for his 10 years of service. 
  • An article titled ‘The question of Deaf Youth’, with the question asked: ‘Where will the new faces for the Catholic Deaf Ministry in the future come from?’
  • The Wellington Deaf Catholic Committee organised a Memorial Service for Toni Rees, who was a life member of Wellington Deaf Society and New Zealand Deaf Indoor Bowls, and one of the founders of the Horowhenua Deaf Club.

  1. Carol Brady

  2. Celia King

  3. Clare Holtham

  4. David Loving-Molloy

  5. Felicity Crowe

  6. Jackie Overall

  7. Judith Mason

  8. Martin Holtham

  9. Mary Fifield

  10. Mary Johnson

  11. Pam Witko

  12. Rachel Marr

  13. Ruth Jessep

  14. Toni Rees

Donated by St Dominic's Catholic Deaf Centre
Reference number CDC2017-39-3-MJN