Deaf Southern Star: 2018 (Vol. 40, No. 1)

Some of the items featured in the St Dominic’s Catholic Deaf Centre’s ‘Deaf Southern Star’ (Vol. 40, No. 1, 2018) newsletter: 

  • On 18 February 2018, the Dominican Sisters were farwelled from the Palmerston North diocese. The newsletter contains a tribute to the dedicated work of the Sisters with the Catholic Deaf community in New Zealand. 
  • A new large sign for the St. Dominic’s Catholic Centre was set up.
  • A new Facebook page has been set up for the ‘Catholic Diocese of Auckland – Deaf Community’.
  • David Loving-Molloy reflects on the impact of having a Catholic Deaf school in New Zealand.

  1. Angela Murray

  2. Ann Hanley

  3. Clare Holtham

  4. Cushla Crosby

  5. David Loving-Molloy

  6. Erina Carroll

  7. Evelyn Seymour-East

  8. Felicity Crowe

  9. Jackie Overall

  10. Marilyn Welham

  11. Martin Holtham

  12. Mary Johnson

  13. Maureen Lambert

  14. Megan Wiremu

  15. Nichelle Hughes

  16. Rachel Marr

  17. Ruth Jessep

  18. Shona Beamsley

  19. Steven Johnston

  20. Theresa Cooper

  21. Tony Kuklinski

Donated by St Dominic's Catholic Deaf Centre
Reference number CDC2018-40-1-MJN