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  1. 1998

    NFD Communicate: Autumn 1998

  2. 2000
    Video — Donated by Deaf Aotearoa Image of Deaf Aotearoa

    Deaf Association of New Zealand 2000

    A look at the work of the New Zealand Association of the Deaf, presented by Judy Bailey.

  3. 1995
    Video — Donated by Television New Zealand Archive Image of Television New Zealand Archive

    A behind-the-scenes look at the Teletext system

    During 'Deafness Awareness Week' in 1995, One Network News runs a news clip that highlights why Teletext is invaluable to the Deaf community. Patreena Bryan shares with us how captions give Deaf people equality.

  4. 1999
    Video — Donated by Rūaumoko Komiti Image of Rūaumoko Komiti

    Deaf Association opens its new Auckland office

    The Deaf Association of New Zealand opens its new offices on Great North Road, Avondale, Auckland in November 1999.

  5. 1992
    Video — Donated by Point of View Productions Image of Point of View Productions

    'See What I Mean'

    'See What I Mean' presents two real-life stories: the story of a family who were all born Deaf, and a journalist who loses her hearing. It offers positive advice about hearing loss as well as celebrating the New Zealand Deaf community.