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First Test: New Zealand Deaf vs Australia Deaf Netball

The grit! The determination! The hours of practice! Finally it’s game day for the first Deaf Netball New Zealand versus Australia in Manawatu. Watch highlights of the gameplay followed by expert post-match analysis and limbo shenanigans at MDS. Good times.
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The first game between the New Zealand Deaf and Australia Deaf Netball in Palmerston North (1998) kicks-off with each team of players signing their national anthem. Australia wins the first test 41-21, and the New Zealand team aims to do better in the second test in Auckland the following week, having had only the chance to get together to train the month prior to. After the first test, both teams and the Deaf community gather at the Manawatu Deaf Society clubrooms for dinner, socialising and some games, including a spirited round of limbo dancing!

New Zealand Deaf Netball team: Esther Tavui (Coach), Suzanne Hanson (Team Manager), Lisa Alexander, Teresa Babich, Caroline Gould, Elizabeth Hurley, Debra Jamieson, Susan Jamieson, Susie Ovens, Angeline Perez, Sara Pivac, Sonia Pivac, Annette Scott, Susan Thomas

Australian Deaf Netball team: Kay Watkins (Coach), Melissa Anderson (Team Manager), Sandra Kopetzky (Sports Trainer), Julia Allen (Scorer), Anne Bajraszewski, Karly Ball, Nicole Beath, Melinda Clarkson, Melissa Connor, Kellie Gobby, Amanda Hilton, Rebecca Hines, Lorraine Mulley, Vinnie Pezzimenti, Jenelle Sweetman

Note: Full footage of netball game available upon request.

  1. Amanda Hilton

  2. Angeline Perez

  3. Anne Bajraszewski

  4. Annette Hansen

  5. Caroline Gould

  6. Debra Jamieson

  7. Elizabeth Hurley

  8. Esther Tavui

  9. Janice Howard

  10. Jenelle Sweetman

  11. Julia Allen

  12. Karly Ball

  13. Kay Watkins

  14. Kellie Gobby

  15. Lisa Alexander

  16. Lorraine Butler

  17. Lorraine Mulley

  18. Margaret Bailey

  19. Melinda Clarkson

  20. Melissa Anderson

  21. Melissa Connor

  22. Nicole Beath

  23. Rebecca Hines

  24. Sandra Kopetzky

  25. Sara Pivac Alexander

  26. Sonia Pivac

  27. Susan Thomas

  28. Susie Jamieson

  29. Susie Ovens

  30. Suzanne Hanson

  31. Teresa Babich

  32. Vinnie Pezzimenti

Donated by Dorothy Jones
Produced by Dorothy Jones
Original format 8mm
Reference number DJ32-01-SPO02