video – Taonga source: Hilda Tamepo

Deaf kaumatua celebrates 50 years of life at Auckland Deaf Society

The 50th birthday of Ivan Tamepo - a respected Deaf elder – is celebrated at ADS, with a karanga, powhiri, waitaia and celebrations in the back hall and upstairs clubroom.
Hilda Tamepo
video – Taonga source: Janice and Gary Howard

ADS Netball Club’s 25th Jubilee

The Auckland Deaf Society Netball team celebrates their 25th Jubilee in April, 2000.
Janice and Gary Howard
video – Taonga source: Dan Hanks

Auckland Deaf Society re-opens after 11 month rebuild

Footage and interviews from the opening night of the newly redeveloped Auckland Deaf Society clubrooms late August 2007.
Dan Hanks
video – Taonga source: Dorothy Jones

First Test: New Zealand Deaf vs Australia Deaf Netball

The grit! The determination! The hours of practice! Finally it’s game day for the first Deaf Netball New Zealand versus Australia in Manawatu. Watch highlights of the gameplay followed by expert post-match analysis and limbo shenanigans at MDS. Good times.
Dorothy Jones
video – Taonga source: Deaf Society of Canterbury

Christchurch Deaf Club Basketball: Farewell & Awards party

A farewell party and awards evening is hosted by the Christchurch Deaf Club Basketball Club, with awards and prizes given out by Peter Downie.
Deaf Society of Canterbury
video – Taonga source: Deaf Society of Canterbury

Past and current Christchurch Deaf Club basketball players face-off for a game

Established in 1951, the Christchurch Deaf Basketball Club celebrated their 25th Jubilee on Saturday 31 July 1976. The day kickstarts with a game between past players – in blue tops – versus current players – in yellow tops. There was also a social dance held that evening.
Deaf Society of Canterbury
publication – Taonga source: New Zealand Deaf News

NZ Deaf News: February 1984