Deaf Awareness Week 1996

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Deaf Awareness Week 1996 begins, with a spotlight on Des Barton, who finds the latest technology in hearing aids a great improvement. Angela Sew Hoy highlights that the week is aiming to raise awareness about Deaf people, their language and culture.

1996’s Deaf Awareness Week begins with a news clip featuring Des Barton, a farmer, who has found the latest technology in hearing aids a great improvement, with distortion/background noise now being cancelled out. Angela Sew Hoy, a Deaf woman and MBA student, shares that a goal for Deaf Awareness Week is for hearing people to realise that there is a Deaf culture, and sign language, and that they should try communicating with Deaf people, who are actually not very different from hearing people.  

The article changes to focus on the increasing numbers of Māori and Pasifika children becoming deaf, mostly due to glue ear. Health professionals want to see an increase in the education of preventing hearing loss.

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