NFD Communicate: December 1992

Some of the items featured in the December 1992 (Vol 6. No. 4) issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • For the very first time in New Zealand, fitness classes are catering only for the Deaf, with a ‘Step Reebok for the Deaf’ exercise programme. 
  • Jarrod Childs is the 12th person in New Zealand to receive a cochlear implant; the first recipient to have been born deaf. 
  • As part of Access 2000, a proposal was put forward to Middlemore Hospital with NZSL interpreters, Deaf awareness training. The proposal was accepted. 
  • Eileen Smith and Nan Gardner gives a workshop at the Asian-Pacific Congress on Deafness in Thailand, titled “‘Kelston Deaf Education Centre – A School for the Deaf Moves into the Future”
  • Deaf Awareness Week stories from across New Zealand.
  • Auckland Deaf Society History Books are available for sale at $15.00.
  • “A Motivated Personality!” A story on Janet Watt, and Kevin Stokes titled “A versatile young man on the move!”.
  • Christchurch Deaf Society sells Deaf badges as part of their fundraising ventures at $4.80 plus postage.
  • Deaf Organisations
  • TV/Media
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