NFD Communicate: December 1992

Some of the items featured in the December 1992 (Vol 6. No. 4) issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • For the very first time in New Zealand, fitness classes are catering only for the Deaf, with a ‘Step Reebok for the Deaf’ exercise programme. 
  • Jarrod Childs is the 12th person in New Zealand to receive a cochlear implant; the first recipient to have been born deaf. 
  • As part of Access 2000, a proposal was put forward to Middlemore Hospital with NZSL interpreters, Deaf awareness training. The proposal was accepted. 
  • Eileen Smith and Nan Gardner gives a workshop at the Asian-Pacific Congress on Deafness in Thailand, titled “‘Kelston Deaf Education Centre – A School for the Deaf Moves into the Future”
  • Deaf Awareness Week stories from across New Zealand.
  • Auckland Deaf Society History Books are available for sale at $15.00.
  • “A Motivated Personality!” A story on Janet Watt, and Kevin Stokes titled “A versatile young man on the move!”.
  • Christchurch Deaf Society sells Deaf badges as part of their fundraising ventures at $4.80 plus postage.

  1. Alana Best

  2. Clare Norman

  3. David McKee

  4. Diana Murray

  5. Eileen Smith

  6. Janet Watt

  7. Jarrod Childs

  8. Jenny Kirk

  9. Kevin Stokes

  10. Lynette Pivac

  11. Marjorie Rako

  12. Maureen Seth

  13. Michael Langford

  14. Mojo Mathers

  15. Nan Gardner

  16. Neville Wilkinson

  17. Penny Went

  18. Rachel Locker McKee

  19. Sara Pivac Alexander

  20. Sonia Pivac

  21. Sonya Logan

  22. Victoria Manning

Reference number NFDC1992-6-4-MJN