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Making the Deaf Hear and the Dumb Speak: The Splendid Work of St. Dominic’s School, Wellington.

Two years ago, the New Zealand Dominicians opened a Catholic school for deaf children at 15 Dover Street, Island Bay, Wellington. The article records the impressions of a Wellington journalist who visited the school recently.
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Second National Deaf Sevens tournament

The second National Deaf Sevens tournament was held at the Linton Military Camp, located just south of Palmerston North, where the Central boys won a points-based competition.
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Northern Deaf XV vs Southern Deaf XV

Northern Deaf XV vs Southern Deaf XV held at Linton Military Camp near Palmerston North on 31 March 1991.
Rodney Roberts
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Deaf Blacks players to tour Wales selected at the 1998 National Deaf Rugby Interzonal Championship

The deciding match of the 1998 National Deaf Rugby Interzonal Championship played in Wellington over Easter weekend, and cementing a place in the New Zealand Deaf team that toured Wales in November 1998.
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IS THERE NO HOPE AT ALL? Plight of Deaf Children

St. Dominic's is a mile or so on the Palmerston side of Feilding. Set back across the railway line from the highway is a fine old country mansion framed by trees and lawns. At one side are the former barns and stables, now being used as temporary classrooms. On the other side the builders are busy completing new classrooms for use next year; when these are finished they will begin work on the children's new sleeping quarters adjoining.
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An insight into Miss Auckland Deaf preparations

Contestants practice their routine at the Auckland Deaf Society clubroom in preparation for the Miss Auckland Deaf competition.
Natasha Jumelet
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Rugby Union: Kelston vs St Kentigern College

Kelston School for the Deaf had a rugby team that played in the secondary school Grade 2C division, coming third in the 1958 season. Kelston beat St Kentigern 16 to 0.
Susan Hamilton
publication – Taonga source: New Zealand Deaf News

NZ Deaf News: 1970 (Vol. 7, No. 3)