NZSL story – Taonga source: Janet Watt

What it was like being the team manager for the New Zealand badminton team

Janet Watt was the team manager for the New Zealand badminton team at the Christchurch World Deaf Games. She recalls being worried that each player had their own room at the university accommodation; how that would lead to more work for her (and eventually, silver and bronze for the team's players!).
Janet Watt
video – Taonga source: Lorraine Butler

Deaf Diversity – Queer Nation

Queer Nation meets a sporty lesbian with nimble fingers. Lorraine talks about her identity, involvement with Deaf sports, performing and access, emphasising that Deaf people are really no different from hearing people.
Lorraine Butler
video – Taonga source: DEAFinitely Youth Group

Miss and Mr Deaf New Zealand, 2001

The ‘007’ themed Miss and Mr Deaf New Zealand event, expertly hosted by Victoria Skorikova and Tony Walton was a major fundraising event for the 2nd Asia Pacific Deaf Youth Camp. It was organised in 5 weeks and raised $7,000 towards camp costs.
DEAFinitely Youth Group
publication – Taonga source: Shona McGhie

VXIth World Games for the Deaf, Christchurch: 7-17 January 1989

Shona McGhie
video – Taonga source: Dorothy Jones

ADS Badminton Club celebrates its 40th birthday!

The ADS Badminton Club, well known for recognising its milestones, has a well-attended dinner at Auckland Deaf Society to celebrate its 40th birthday!
Dorothy Jones
publication – Taonga source: Deaf Sports New Zealand

New Zealand Deaf Sports Team: XVIth World Games for the Deaf

Deaf Sports New Zealand
video – Taonga source: Deaf Society of Canterbury

Athletics at the 32nd Annual NZ Games for the Deaf: Christchurch 1987

The popular athletics interclub and open championship ran to a tight program, from 8:00am to 12:00 noon. The Oxspring Shield for interclub athletics went to Auckland with 32 points. The 32nd Annual NZ Games for the Deaf in Christchurch provided valuable experience for hosting the World Deaf Games to be held in Christchurch in January 1989. At Cowles Stadium, Shona McGhie and Tony Walton are also interviewed by News Review.
Deaf Society of Canterbury