NFD Communicate: June 1993

Some of the items featured in the June 1993 (Vol 7. No. 1) issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • The Nelson Deaf Club says that a telephone relay service was a high priority for them. After fundraising and advocacy efforts, a successful two-month trial was set up in August 1991 with 8 TDD’s operating with a total of 60 calls. 
  • NZAD and the Auckland Welfare Office for the Deaf are moving to new offices in New Lynn. NZAD will also be changing to the ‘Deaf Association of New Zealand, and ‘Head Office’ will be the ‘National Office’. All Welfare Offices will be called Deaf Community Offices, with the Social Workers called ‘Service Coordinators’. 
  • A ‘NZSL and Deaf Culture Forum’ was organised by the Deaf Education and Advocacy Forum Inc, with 57 people attending. A storytelling competition was held. It was hoped that this would be the start of regular storytelling competitions in NZSL throughout the country. 
  • Christine Carr is doing a survey on Deaf people’s experiences when they tried to continue their education after leaving school. 
  • NFD invites all Deaf and hearing impaired school children to enter a poster competition to design the 1993 Deafness Awareness Week poster.

  1. Beth Titter

  2. Brent Macpherson

  3. Bruce Dron

  4. Christine Carr

  5. Doug Croskery

  6. Eddie Hokianga

  7. Gavin Gibbons

  8. Gregory Schischka

  9. Hilary McCormack

  10. Jackie Thompson

  11. Janet Stokes

  12. Jennifer Brain

  13. Jenny Kirk

  14. Joanne Becker

  15. Kevin Stokes

  16. Krista Clifford

  17. Lesley Schischka

  18. Lindsay Jones

  19. Lisa Alexander

  20. Lynette Pivac

  21. Margaret Coutts

  22. Maria Griffiths

  23. Patreena Bryan

  24. Paul Buzzard

  25. Pauline Sedon

  26. Pixie Neame

  27. Polly Fechney

  28. Royce Flynn

  29. Shane Matthews

  30. Shaun Fahey

  31. Sheila Gibbons

  32. Steven Townshend

  33. Sue Thomas

  34. Susan Thomas

  35. Susan Wilson

  36. Susie Ovens

  37. Suzanne Hansen

  38. Theresa Cooper

  39. Tony Walton

Reference number NFDC1993-7-2-MJN