NFD Journal: September 1988 (Vol. 2, No. 3)

Some of the items featured in the September 1988 issue of ‘NFD Journal:

  • The NZ Deaf Amateur Sports Association celebrates its 25th Anniversary with a book launched, ‘NZDASA Inc – A Brief History on the first 25 years”
  • Brendan Cooper wins an award at the American Youth Leadership Training Camp, guaranteeing him a place in the next year’s camp.
  • The Vice President of NZFDC argues that the actual cost for parents with deaf children being mainstreamed over a two month period is $5,754.
  • An advertisement for a 22 inch television with Teletext, delivered and set in one’s own home, at $1,499.
  • The number of Teletext subtitled programmes in a single week previously to the publication of this issue came to a total of 18 programmes. 
  • Denise Tong rues the costs of hearing aid batteries in New Zealand, saying that they only last three days and were very expensive to replace. Deaf people in England get them for free. 
  • The establishment of signs indicating where TTY’s teleprinter telephones for the deaf area are situated.
  • Deaf Organisations
  • TV/Media
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