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World Deaf Games, Köln 1981

New Zealand team goes to XIV World Games for the Deaf in Köln, Germany in 1981.
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The New Zealand team goes to XIV World Games for the Deaf in Köln (Cologne), Germany in 1981. The team poses for photographs outside Auckland Deaf Society before leaving. They travel to Auckland Airport, and the team is lucky enough to be given a tour of the cockpit of their Air New Zealand plane before departing. Footage covers scenery of Cologne, as well as NZ athletes practicing before their events.

The opening ceremony includes the NZ team marching. Susie Ovens competes in the women’s 100m sprint, and Michael Rose competes in the athletics. Deaf New Zealanders watching from the stands cheering them on! Later features Robert Algie competing in the wrestling also, lots of New Zealanders cheering him on with NZ flag! Robert wins two silver medals and is filmed twice on the stands accepting each of his medals.

  1. Anne Bennett

  2. Brian Harris

  3. Daniel Beech

  4. David Henry

  5. Gloria Fage

  6. Gwen Rapley

  7. John Chandler

  8. John Lavell

  9. John McRae

  10. John Ooteman

  11. Kaz Witko

  12. Margaret Coutts

  13. Michael Rose

  14. Norman Norris

  15. Peter Downie

  16. Polly Fechney

  17. Robert Algie

  18. Royce Flynn

  19. Sue Nicholson

  20. Susie Ovens

Donated by Manawatu Deaf Society
Produced by Joan Bailey
Original format 7" 8mm
Reference number MDS16-01-OTH81
Sponsored by Sonia Pivac