Rūaumoko Komiti

Māori Deaf Wānanga

Wānanga held in 2001, involving both Deaf and hearing Māori, focusing on NZSL skills, learning about community and culture as well as socialising and having fun.
Image for Māori Deaf Wānanga

Wānanga lead by Patrick Thompson and Karen Mahunga to a group of Māori Deaf and hearing participants. The wānanga included linguistics, NZSL, skit and games evening, as well as a workshop on “community and culture”. This clip was edited from original 4.5 hours of footage.

  1. Billy Mutu

  2. Hamie Munroe

  3. Karen Mahunga

  4. Marc Ethan

  5. Michael Wi

  6. Patrick Thompson

  7. Richard Peri

  8. Stephanie Awheto

  9. Tauri Lyndon

  10. Togia Lanefale

Donated by Rūaumoko Komiti
Original format VHS
Reference number RUA01-01-MD01