Manawatu Deaf Society’s netball team talk about logistics…

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Members of the Manawatu Deaf Society’s netball team discuss the running of the team including fundraising and other logistics. This video is a good example of the natural language used during meetings in 1999 and is presented here unedited for this purpose.
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A workshop is hosted by and for girls from the Manawatu Deaf Society Netball Club at Manawatu Deaf Society, where fundraising ideas are brainstormed, such as organising a wine and cheese evening with an auction and raffles. Money will go towards the costs of the netball courts for the New Zealand Deaf Games to be hosted in Palmerston North, the pending 25th anniversary of the MDS Netball Club, which will be happening in two years’ time in 2001.

The running of the committee and roles within are also discussed, with team building ideas such as skiing, mini-golf, go karting, a mystery trip or going on a pub crawl!

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SignDNA – Deaf National Archive New Zealand, DJ07-01-SPO99