NFD Journal: September 1987 (Vol. 1, No. 3)

Some of the items featured in the September 1987 issue of ‘NFD Journal’:

  • Editorial delves into the partnership between the recently formed NZAD, NZFDC, and the Hearing Association, with a meeting at Bruce McHattie’s house.
  • Philip Johnson argues that before Deaf children are mainstreamed, there must be sufficient trained teachers of the deaf and enough trained interpreters.
  • Manawatu Deaf Society awards life membership to Danny Beech, Barbara Hazelwood and Joan Bailey. 
  • The Federation for Deaf Children presents its 1987 Annual Report

  1. Barbara Hazelwood

  2. Beth Titter

  3. Bruce McHattie

  4. Daniel Beech

  5. David Eastman

  6. Florrie McNatty

  7. Joan Bailey

  8. Joan Fairbrother

  9. John Rose

  10. Kelly Quirke

  11. Peg Makinson

  12. Philip Johnson

  13. Rose Brouwers

  14. Steven Overall

Reference number NFDJ1987-1-3-MJN