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Mardi Gras celebrations

Auckland Deaf Society, about to close for a total building redevelopment, hosts a final social event: a Mardi Gras at the Deaf Club.
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The Auckland Deaf Society holds its last big social event before it closes to undergo a complete rebuild of its offices and social club. The Deaf Club is packed with members celebrating Mardi Gras, full of costumes, performances, speeches and farewells to the clubrooms that hold decades worth of memories for its members and their families.

  1. Abbie Twiss

  2. Amanda Everitt

  3. Angus McDonald

  4. Daniel Greenwood

  5. Daniel Harborne

  6. Darryn Paul

  7. Dean Gould

  8. Gary Howard

  9. Hayden Teesdale

  10. Jeff Went

  11. Kaye Bird

  12. Kevin Pivac

  13. Lorraine Butler

  14. Natasha Jumelet

  15. Owen Gibbons

  16. Sonia Pivac

  17. Sue Williams

  18. Victoria Lessing

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