Third national Deaf Womens’ Sevens Tournament

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The Northern Deaf womens’ team wins the third sevens tournament, comfortably beats Central 60-0 and Southern 34-0. Southern beats Central 34-5.
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Footage of the Southern Zone Deaf Womens Rugby team playing against Central and Northern, filmed by Renee Turipa. This was the third national Deaf Womens’ Sevens Tournament in Otaki, played at the Otaki Domain, during Easter Weekend. Northern won the overall sevens tournament, beating Cental 60-0 and Southern 34-0. Southern beat Central 24-5. There is also brief footage of the men’s matches, and the Sunday evening social wrapping up the weekend.

North: Pauline Dyer, Susan Thomas, Pollyanna Ferguson, Lorraine Butler, Janet Martin, Nirvana Graham, Hariata Pirika, Sonia Pivac, Tuiai Elisara (Captain), Joanne Klaver, Nelly Elisara, Angela Sew Hoy (Manager), Paul Thomas (Coach)

Central: Susan Jamieson (Captain), Cheryl Tangiwai (Vice Captain), Anne Marie O’Neill, Jackie Davidson, Joanna Carson, Christiana Darke, Rachel Rasmussen, Debra Jamieson, Raychel McMillian,

South: Lianna Kennedy (Captain), Jasmine Gracie, Renee Turipa, Zena Hughes, Aimee Mardson, Amber Shaw, Kylie Rabbits, Leanne Griffiths, Lauren Christenson, Richard Duff (Coach), Allan Davidson (water)

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Renee Turipa
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