video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

Angela Sew Hoy: A Deaf Chinese New Zealander

‘Asia Dynamic’ catches up with Angela Sew Hoy, to find out what life is like as a Deaf Chinese New Zealander, navigating three different cultures in everyday life.
Television New Zealand Archive
video – Taonga source: Dan Hanks

Mardi Gras celebrations

Auckland Deaf Society, about to close for a total building redevelopment, hosts a final social event: a Mardi Gras at the Deaf Club.
Dan Hanks
publication – Taonga source: Oticon Foundation

Soundscape: November 2000

Oticon Foundation
video – Taonga source: Auckland Deaf Society

History through Young Eyes: Interview with Owen Gibbons

Former Auckland Deaf Society President and life member, Owen Gibbons says that one of his best memories was travelling to the World Deaf Games as part of the New Zealand Deaf basketball mens team. His eyes “literally popped out at what he saw over there!”
Auckland Deaf Society
video – Taonga source: Brent Macpherson

My Second Home: Auckland Deaf Society

A 43-minute documentary taking you through the history of Auckland Deaf Society, the second home of the Deaf community of Auckland.
Brent Macpherson
video – Taonga source: Deaf Aotearoa

Opening of Deaf Association’s new premises in New Lynn, Auckland

The opening of the Deaf Association National Office and the Auckland Branch Office at the Ceramic House in Totara Avenue, New Lynn on 18 June 1993.
Deaf Aotearoa
video – Taonga source: Dorothy Jones

Auckland’s ‘Deaf Grandmother’ celebrates her 90th at ADS!

Kathleen French, Auckland’s ‘Deaf Grandmother’ and a life member of Auckland Deaf Society celebrates her 90th birthday party at the Balmoral clubroom on 24 May 2003 with approximately 140 people attending.
Dorothy Jones