video – Taonga source: Brent Macpherson

My Second Home: Auckland Deaf Society

A 43-minute documentary taking you through the history of Auckland Deaf Society, the second home of the Deaf community of Auckland.
Brent Macpherson
video – Taonga source: Dorothy Jones

Amateur footage: Inaugural Deaf Rugby World Championship

A snapshot of the inaugural 2002 Deaf Rugby World Championships held in Auckland, briefly touching on official matches, friendly games, and two social evenings at Auckland Deaf Club, with speeches galore!
Dorothy Jones
video – Taonga source: DEAFinitely Youth Group

Miss and Mr Deaf New Zealand, 2001

The ‘007’ themed Miss and Mr Deaf New Zealand event, expertly hosted by Victoria Skorikova and Tony Walton was a major fundraising event for the 2nd Asia Pacific Deaf Youth Camp. It was organised in 5 weeks and raised $7,000 towards camp costs.
DEAFinitely Youth Group
video – Taonga source: Sonia Pivac

Deaf protest against Advance Centre closure

Deaf protest against shutting down the Advance Centre, a tertiary support centre for Deaf and hearing impaired students in the Auckland region.
Sonia Pivac
publication – Taonga source: Oticon Foundation

Soundscape: March 2016

Oticon Foundation
video – Taonga source: Dan Hanks

President gives tour of old Auckland Deaf Society building

Auckland Deaf Society President Kevin Pivac gives a tour of the Club’s building prior to its demolition and rebuild.
Dan Hanks
video – Taonga source: Dan Hanks

Last Friday night at Auckland Deaf Society before the rebuild

Footage and interviews from the final Friday night at Deaf Club at Auckland Deaf Society before its long-awaited re-development in 2006.
Dan Hanks