Celebrations at the St Dominic’s Golden Jubilee

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Footage from the 50th Jubilee of St Dominic’s School for the Deaf, with over 200 people attending a weekend of festivities at the Fielding Racecourse during the Anzac Weekend of April 1995.
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The St Dominic’s 50th Jubilee was held at the Feilding Racecourse during Anzac Weekend (Friday 22 April – Monday 25 April 1994), and was attended by around 200 people. The group first gathered for supper on Friday 22 April 1994, where everyone met each other and name tags were given out. This video shows many photo albums, trophies, a blazer belonging to Marlene Rush, and a brown cap belonging to Phonse Carroll.

The official welcome and speeches were on Saturday 23 April 1994, along with lunch and a visit to the St Dominic’s Wing at St Joseph’s school. While there, photos of all past and present pupils in their different groups were taken. Following this was a special Jubilee Mass signed by Father David Molloy at the St Brigid’s Church. After the Mass, a jubilee dinner was held at the Feilding Racecourse. Jack Koat and Richard Lambert took videos over the weekend. 

Source: Ephpheta - New Zealand Catholic Deaf Newsletter, 1994 Vol. 16. 

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