Deaf Southern Star: 2010 (Vol. 32, No. 3)

Some of the items featured in the St Dominic’s Catholic Deaf Centre’s ‘Deaf Southern Star’ (Vol. 32, No. 3, 2010) newsletter: 

  • A tribute to Maree Carroll QSM (1939 – 2010) who passed away on 4 September 2010. Maree was a founding member of the New Zealand Catholic Deaf Association and became its president in 1984. She was also on organising committees of multiple St Dominic’s School for the Deaf Jubilees. 
  • David Loving-Molloy has had a busy quarter since the last newsletter, listing some of the activites that have happened. Work has commenced the production of a DVD of common Catholic prayers in NZSL. 
  • An advertisement for ‘We See What You Mean’, a book by Dorothy Pilkington documenting the history of St. Dominic’s School for Deaf Children and the Catholic Deaf Ministry in New Zealand.

  1. Celia King

  2. Debbie Lynch

  3. Evelyn Seymour-East

  4. Felicity Crowe

  5. Jackie Overall

  6. Maree Carroll

  7. Peter Coxhead

  8. Phones Carroll

  9. Royce Seymour-East

Donated by St Dominic's Catholic Deaf Centre
Reference number CDC2010-32-3-MJN