video – Taonga source: Dan Hanks

Mardi Gras celebrations

Auckland Deaf Society, about to close for a total building redevelopment, hosts a final social event: a Mardi Gras at the Deaf Club.
Dan Hanks
video – Taonga source: Dorothy Jones

Auckland’s ‘Deaf Grandmother’ celebrates her 90th at ADS!

Kathleen French, Auckland’s ‘Deaf Grandmother’ and a life member of Auckland Deaf Society celebrates her 90th birthday party at the Balmoral clubroom on 24 May 2003 with approximately 140 people attending.
Dorothy Jones
video – Taonga source: Dan Hanks

Auckland Deaf Society re-opens after 11 month rebuild

Footage and interviews from the opening night of the newly redeveloped Auckland Deaf Society clubrooms late August 2007.
Dan Hanks
video – Taonga source: Manawatu Deaf Society

Deaf athletes visit Disneyland en route to the World Games for the Deaf in Köln!

New Zealand athletes stopover at Los Angeles on the way to the World Games for the Deaf in Köln, and make the most of the trip with a visit to Disneyland!
Manawatu Deaf Society
article – Taonga source: Unknown

From Being Shut Out – World Of Fun Opens For Deaf

Weekly yoga exercises at the Deaf Welfare Centre in Balmoral, where the instructor knocks the floor so the class knows when the time has come to "breathe out".
video – Taonga source: Auckland Deaf Society

Balmoral Working Bee

Deaf members of the Auckland Adult Deaf Society clear the Balmoral Road property before construction of the main hall.
Auckland Deaf Society
video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

The Auckland Deaf Centre

A glimpse into the Auckland Deaf Centre, showing Deaf people playing pool, badminton, reading, having coffee and talking in sign language.
Television New Zealand Archive
video – Taonga source: DEAFinitely Youth Group

The first Wallace Williams Comedy Evening kicks off!

The first ever Wallace Williams Comedy Evening kicks off in 2003, as a fundraiser for Deaf Youth to attend the WFD Congress in Montreal, Canada.
DEAFinitely Youth Group
video – Taonga source: Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Auckland Deaf Welfare Centre building progress

The building of the Auckland Deaf Welfare Centre, followed by footage of the Balmoral Bowling Club, and the newly opened Auckland Harbour Bridge.
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision
video – Taonga source: Brent Macpherson

My Second Home: Auckland Deaf Society

A 43-minute documentary taking you through the history of Auckland Deaf Society, the second home of the Deaf community of Auckland.
Brent Macpherson
article – Taonga source: The Auckland Star

They’re shut out-lonely and deaf

Trevor Fear, Auckland's newly-appointed deaf welfare officer talks about his experiences, the deaf community and their needs.
article – Taonga source: NZ Woman’s Weekly

In A Silent World

Social Welfare Officer and organising secretary of The Friends of the Deaf in Auckland hopes to provide housing via several units to be known as the Eddowes Memorial Village.
article – Taonga source: Unknown

Hostel for deaf out of funds, faces closure

Balmoral's Deaf Welfare Centre will be forced to close its hostel next week unless it gets financial help.
video – Taonga source: Natasha Jumelet

An insight into Miss Auckland Deaf preparations

Contestants practice their routine at the Auckland Deaf Society clubroom in preparation for the Miss Auckland Deaf competition.
Natasha Jumelet
video – Taonga source: Richard Hay

Miss Deaf Auckland!

The Auckland Deaf community gathers for the Miss Deaf Auckland competition, organised by Adrienne Killen. The top three are selected to represent Auckland in the upcoming Miss Deaf New Zealand pageant.
Richard Hay
video – Taonga source: Dan Hanks

Last Friday night at Auckland Deaf Society before the rebuild

Footage and interviews from the final Friday night at Deaf Club at Auckland Deaf Society before its long-awaited re-development in 2006.
Dan Hanks
video – Taonga source: Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Laying foundations at Auckland Deaf Welfare Centre

A group of Deaf men busily work on laying the foundations for the new Auckland Deaf Welfare Centre, later to become the property of the Auckland Deaf Society.
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision
video – Taonga source: Abbie Twiss

Auckland Deaf Society hosts a Derby Race Night!

An action filled evening at ADS with a Deaf modelling show followed by an Auckland Deaf Drag Queen contest and finally a derby race competition!
Abbie Twiss
article – Taonga source: The Auckland Star

Seven to make debut at ball for the deaf

Seven young girls will make their debut at a ball to be held by the Auckland Deaf Society; they will dance the debutante walz without hearing the music.
video – Taonga source: Auckland Deaf Society

Deaf men chat outside Auckland Deaf Society clubrooms

A group of men from the ADS basketball club are seen chatting outside the Auckland Deaf Society Clubrooms.
Auckland Deaf Society
video – Taonga source: Dan Hanks

President gives tour of old Auckland Deaf Society building

Auckland Deaf Society President Kevin Pivac gives a tour of the Club’s building prior to its demolition and rebuild.
Dan Hanks
video – Taonga source: Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Foundation Stone Ceremony

The foundation stone ceremony for the Auckland Deaf Welfare Centre 1958.
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision
video – Taonga source: Seek the World

Mingling with locals at Auckland Deaf Club

Two visitors from America (Seek the World and Motion Savvy) gives a short presentation at Auckland Deaf Society on a tablet app that understands sign language. Calvin Young gives a brief tour of the Deaf Club and chats with its President, John Schischka.
Seek the World
video – Taonga source: Mary Johnson

Memories of John Peterson

Born in Mumbai, India where his parents ran a tea farm, John Peterson shares his life story at his home in the Eddowes Pensioner Village, at Balmoral, next to Auckland Deaf Society. Filmed on 3 August 2003.
Mary Johnson
NZSL story – Taonga source: John Hunt

Compiling ‘The Story of the Auckland Deaf Society Inc 1937 – 1987’ book

John was keen to know about the history of Auckland Deaf Society, and upon the approval of the Board of Management, he compiled a book two years before the 50th Anniversary of ADS. It took him three years to finish the book, and it was released one year after the anniversary.
John Hunt