Rodney Roberts

Good old fashioned fun at the Christchurch Deaf Society’s picnic

Footage of the 1991 Christchurch Deaf Society's picnic day held at Spencer Park. On a progressively windy day the local Deaf community gathered to enjoy traditional Deaf community games including tug-of-war, egg throwing, welly throwing, and some less common games such as a dress-up relay.
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Annual Deaf community picnic organised by the Christchurch Deaf Society held at Spencer Park on the outskirts of Christchurch. Footage shows the community arriving and socialising, before starting traditional Deaf community picnic games including tug-of-war, sprinting, boot throwing, egg throwing, dress-up relay.

  1. Ava Buzzard

  2. Bennie Agnew

  3. Brenda Te Maari

  4. Carol King

  5. Carolyn Berry

  6. Claire Raisin

  7. Damian Upton

  8. Dane Currie

  9. Della Buzzard

  10. Denise Godman

  11. Dennis Tod

  12. Evelyn Pateman

  13. Greg Pateman

  14. Janet Watt

  15. John Ferguson

  16. Josje Lelijveld

  17. Joyce Stokell

  18. Karim Baradi

  19. Kevin Stokes

  20. Louise Williams

  21. Lynette Tyrell

  22. Michael Collett

  23. Nadia Baradi

  24. Nicki Morrison

  25. Oliver Ferguson

  26. Paul Buzzard

  27. Paul Gillespie

  28. Rodney Roberts

  29. Roque Te Maari

  30. Sheree Currie

  31. Susan Thomas

  32. Tony Currie

Donated by Rodney Roberts
Original format VHS-C
Reference number RR16-02-CE91