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Inside Out: Inaugural World Deaf Rugby Championship

Inside Out features the inaugural World Deaf Rugby Championship, including coverage of the final between New Zealand and Wales at Eden Park, Auckland in 2002.
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Wales were crowned Deaf Rugby World champions at Eden Park in Auckland on 24 August 2002. Following a hard-fought game against fellow finalists New Zealand, Wales emerged as champions with a 28-14 victory.

Both teams had performed well in the rounds, with New Zealand reaching the final of the inaugural tournament after a dramatic 23-16 win over Australia at Waitemata Park.

This was the first Deaf Rugby World Championship tournament, with Wales winning the right to host the second competition.

New Zealand: Chris Blum, Kevin Carroll, Kelly Hohaia, Jamie Kuklinski, Rodney Cole, Barry Kay, Phillip King, Awhi Phillips, Mark Siviter, Ross Freemantle, Darryl Alexander, Steven Harvey, Samuel Taua’a, Michael May, Opeti Finaulangi. Reserves: John Rodgers, Ian Hefford, Ben Robertson, Nicholas Humby, Nathan Robinson, Tony Kuklinski, Campbell Morrison


  • Tries, Rodney Cole, Awhi Phillips
  • Conversions: Opeti Finaulangi (2)
  • Best player: Rodney Cole

Wales: Chris Ratcliffe, Jason Evans, Andrew Lloyd, Tyrone Hughes, Richard Watkins, Andrew Rees, Neil Billingham, James Evans, Ioan Jones, Richard Evans, Andrew Davies, Paul Watts, Mark Withey, Nigel Francis. Reserves: Steven Lloyd, Steve Burnett, Paul Galtry, Chris Haddock, Luke Hamm, Joe Jones, Luke Blackburn, Andrew Davies.


  • Tries: Ioan Jones, Nigel Francis, Paul Watts
  • Conversions: Richard Evans (2)
  • Dropped goals: Paul Watts, Mark Withey
  • Penalty goal: Richard Evans
  • Best player: Ioan Jones
  1. Awhi Phillips

  2. Barry Kay

  3. Ben Robertson

  4. Campbell Morrison

  5. Chris Blum

  6. Darryl Alexander

  7. Ian Hefford

  8. Jamie Kuklinski

  9. John Rodgers

  10. Keith Quinn

  11. Kelly Hohaia

  12. Kevin Carroll

  13. Mark Siviter

  14. Michael May

  15. Nathan Robinson

  16. Nick Humby

  17. Opeti Finaulangi

  18. Phillip King

  19. Rodney Cole

  20. Ross Freemantle

  21. Samuel Taua’a

  22. Steven Harvey

  23. Tony Kuklinski

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