video – Taonga source: DEAFinitely Youth Group

Miss and Mr Deaf New Zealand, 2001

The ‘007’ themed Miss and Mr Deaf New Zealand event, expertly hosted by Victoria Skorikova and Tony Walton was a major fundraising event for the 2nd Asia Pacific Deaf Youth Camp. It was organised in 5 weeks and raised $7,000 towards camp costs.
DEAFinitely Youth Group
video – Taonga source: Jeff Went

The Miss Deaf New Zealand competition, 1990

Coverage of the Miss Deaf New Zealand competition, hosted during the 34th New Zealand Games for the Deaf social evening at Auckland Deaf Society, October 1990.
Jeff Went
video – Taonga source: Natasha Jumelet

An insight into Miss Auckland Deaf preparations

Contestants practice their routine at the Auckland Deaf Society clubroom in preparation for the Miss Auckland Deaf competition.
Natasha Jumelet
video – Taonga source: Victoria University of Wellington

Miss Auckland Deaf Beauty Queen Contest

Amateur footage of the Miss Auckland Deaf Beauty Queen Contest held at the Auckland Deaf Centre 1990.
Victoria University of Wellington
article – Taonga source: Western Leader

Julie-Anne’s a Winner

Julie-Anne is the new Miss Deaf New Zealand. Coming second-runner up in the Miss Auckland Deaf competition, saw her go through to Miss New Zealand.
publication – Taonga source: New Zealand Deaf News

NZ Deaf News: Spring/Summer 1990/91 (Vol. 24. No. 2)

video – Taonga source: Richard Hay

Miss Deaf Auckland!

The Auckland Deaf community gathers for the Miss Deaf Auckland competition, organised by Adrienne Killen. The top three are selected to represent Auckland in the upcoming Miss Deaf New Zealand pageant.
Richard Hay
video – Taonga source: Abbie Twiss

Auckland Deaf Society hosts a Derby Race Night!

An action filled evening at ADS with a Deaf modelling show followed by an Auckland Deaf Drag Queen contest and finally a derby race competition!
Abbie Twiss