NZ Deaf News: 1971 (Vol. 8, No. 4)

Some of the items featured in the 1971 Issue of ‘NZ Deaf News’ (Vol. 8, No. 4): 

  • There are 22 deaf children attending the Onekawa Primary School Deaf unit. The Hawkes Bay Parents of Deaf Children Association celebrates its five year anniversary.
  • Manawatu had a birthday social, with a particular game particularly popular – the candle blowing competition. Everyone had a go trying to blow out the candle and blow it out as many times as possible, using one matchstick! Max Howell won with 40 blows.
  • The first draft of the new constitution for amalgamation of the Friends of the Deaf and the Auckland Deaf Society has been prepared and is being studied by the sub-committee. 
  • Results from the 16th Annual Deaf Sports Convention in Christchurch, with more than 200 deaf people in attendance. Some had not seen the new clubrooms and were most impressed.

  1. Ada Schischka

  2. Barbara Hazelwood

  3. Bernie Clews

  4. Christine Martin

  5. Daniel Beech

  6. David Rutledge

  7. Gordon Brown

  8. Gwen Rapley

  9. Helen Williams

  10. Jim Cheyne

  11. Joan Bailey

  12. John Ferguson

  13. John Hunt

  14. Keith Gordon

  15. Lance Manning

  16. Maree Carroll

  17. Max Howell

  18. Merv Forman

  19. Pauline Ferguson

  20. Ray Forman

  21. Stewart Smith

  22. Tony Walton

  23. Vernon Pope

  24. Wallace Williams

Reference number DN1971-8-4-MJN