NFD Journal: September 1991 (Vol. 5, No. 3)

Some of the items featured in the September 1991 issue of ‘NFD Journal:

  • The theme of the annual Deaf Awareness Week is “Face Up to the Problem” (September 22 to 29, 1991)
  • It is announced that Dave Moskovitz and Pat Dugdale have been appointed as editors of the NZSL Dictionary project, and will job-share the editorial position – Pat as Communications Editor and Dave as Technical Editor. 
  • Kelson and van Asch are both featured with details of what both schools provide, with its Teacher Aides learning TC. Senior students gather at Kelston for a day of workshops and talking about Deaf culture. 
  • Research into hereditary deafness by Dunedin Hospital, collecting blood samples from quite a few New Zealand families with recessive deafness, with plans to do a ‘gene-searching’ exercise on those samples.

  1. Alofa Ieriko

  2. Claire Raisin

  3. Daniel Rees

  4. Dave Moskovitz

  5. Eileen Smith

  6. Graeme Kennedy

  7. Hilary McCormack

  8. Jennifer Brain

  9. Jenny Kirk

  10. Jeremy Kereama

  11. Jesse Sim

  12. Joanna Heke

  13. Katherine Topia

  14. Lee Bullivant

  15. Logan Marten

  16. Maureen Seth

  17. Melissa Lakeman

  18. Nan Gardener

  19. Pat Dugdale

  20. Peg Makinson

  21. Ray Mathews

  22. Rita Williams

  23. Simon Mathews

  24. Sonya Logan

  25. Stephanie Gray

  26. Sue Rorison

  27. Tania Harbutt

  28. Tipene Pita

Reference number MJN-NFDJ1991-5-3