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Washington Xth International Silent Games

The New Zealand team attending the 10th World Deaf Games in Washington, USA, 1965.
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A New Zealand team was sent to the 10th World Deaf Games in Washington, USA during June-July 1965. An appeal for funds was made resulting in a team of 15 athletes and a management committee of four attending the Games. New Zealand gained one Bronze Medal from the swimming events when Rossell MacKenzie finished third in the 400 metres freestyle.

The New Zealand Deaf team was farewelled at Kelston School for the Deaf the day before leaving, finding time for a team photo. The team then went to the Auckland Town Hall to be farewelled officially and wished good luck by the Mayor of Auckland, Sir Dove-Myer Robinson.

  1. Bill McLachlan

  2. Colin Goodhue

  3. Helen Williams

  4. John Ballantine

  5. John McRae

  6. Kath Smith

  7. Keith Gordon

  8. Ken McDiarmid

  9. Kevin Funnell

  10. Merv Forman

  11. Norman Norris

  12. Owen Gibbons

  13. Peter Murray

  14. Ray Forman

  15. Rossell MacKenzie

  16. Stewart Smith

  17. Sue Williams

  18. Terry Siviter

  19. Wallace Williams

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